How It All Started

Receiving his first drum set at the age of 6, BJ began performing at an early age. By the age of 12, he purchased his first guitar and began to sing. Shortly after learning his voice and coming to the realization that his voice could inspire others, he began to write his own music. To some it was just words and music, but to BJ it was more - much more. The songs he began to write were original and genuine, and they had purpose. Still to this day, BJ writes music about real life struggles and stories of real life experiences that others can relate too. What's music without meaning? With a fan base that's growing by the minute, BJ has become more popular than ever extending outside his Alabama roots. BJ is an excellent writer, an exciting performer, and overall good ol' country boy with something to say. BJ thanks God for the talent and success he's been blessed with, and can't wait to share it with the world! You can find BJ on all forms of social media, YouTube, and more! To book BJ Reeves, please use the contact information below to contact Blue Diamond Management.


Request BJ Reeves For A Show Near You! Please Contact Blue Diamond Management for all inquiries related to appearances and bookings. BJ is an excellent songwriter and an entertainer at heart! Please schedule appearances in advanced!

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